Hello and welcome to my amazing It Works team.

Nathalie Colbourne

Not only are we growing fast but we are building great friendships and having so much fun. We have so many tools in place to help you and are 100% committed. It works is such an exciting opportunity and one that i am so honoured to be part of.

I started this business after being made redundant and grasped the opportunity I had and ran with it. I haven’t looked back and seeing our amazing customers transformations that continue to amaze me daily is so rewarding!

Whatever your looking to achieve It Works has the answer and i look forward to helping you and welcoming you to the team. I hope you have have enjoyed the site and please feel free to contact me or any of my team members for more information.

Nathalie ColbourneTrusted UK Double Diamond Distributor Nathalie info@onlyawrap.com

Zara Atanes Melo

Hi my name is Zara and welcome to My It works. I became a distributor in 2014 for many reasons, but the biggest reason was the freedom that this business would allow me to have. This business is my plan b but its becoming very apparent that it will soon overtake my current job. It is no accident that you are here right now reading this, maybe your looking for a little more income to help those unexpected bills, or like me was made redundant and was fed up with relying on other people to provide me with a wage only to realise i was never in a secure job to start with.

Whatever your reasons may be, you are now at a crossroad and i’m excited about your future. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you succeed, i will promise to match your efforts and hold your hand every step of the way. When your ready to fly i look forward to watching you do the same.

Lisa Upton

My name is Lisa and welcome to my it works! This business is going from strength to strength and I’m delighted to be a part of it. Being a wrap girl isn’t my full time normal job but I am 100% committed to my time spent here and changing people’s lives with these incredible products!

We are always looking for enthusiastic, passionate and bubbly people to join our successful team! Whether you’ve tried our products or believe this is what you’ve been looking for – grab it with both hands and let’s go!

Lisa UptonEmerald Leader Lisa lise_lo@hotmail.co.uk View My Site