I am asked so many questions daily that I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you.


What is an It Works Body Wrap?

The It Works Body Wraps are non-woven cloth infused with the powerful It Works botanically based formula. When placed on the skin, improves skin texture and tightness and reduces

How long do I wear the Body Wrap for?

If this is your first time using the It Works Body Wrap we recommend you wear for 45 minutes to test your skins sensitivity to the all natural ingredients. After this you can wear for up to 8 hours, some customers love to sleep in them. To ensure the best results possible use DEFINING GEL twice daily.

How many Body Wraps can I use at once?

We encourage you to wear just one Body Wrap at a time to ensure maximum results. It Works Body Wraps can be cut and placed on two areas if targeting arms, legs or love handles!

If you have used the It Works Body Wraps before and want to target legs you can speak with your personal Distributor and use two wraps to ensure even results.

What size is the It Works Body Wrap?

The It works body wrap is approximately 13 ’ x 21’

How long will my Body Wrap results last?

The results are all dependant on lifestyle so if you have a relatively healthy lifestyle expect results to last 2-6 months. Using Defining Gel twice daily will help maintain and improve your results. Continued use of the It works Body wraps will help maintain your fantastic results.

The results you experience from an It Works Body Wrap are not temporary or water loss as you may have experienced before. The It Works Body Wraps help you tighten tone and firm without loosing water, in fact we encourage you to drink lots of water.

This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or children. If you have any medical issue please consult your doctor first.

If I have medical issues can I still use the It Works Body Wraps?

If you have any concerns about using It Works products take the ingredients with you to your doctor or specialist and ask their advice. The products are all natural but its better to check first.

How often can I use It Works Body Wraps?

Results are progressive and continue for 72 hours, Therefore you must leave 72 hours between body wraps.

Are the Wraps Reusable?

No each It Works Body Wrap is to be used once only.

Can I exercise whilst wearing a wrap.

We advise no, you don’t want to sweat whilst wearing the wrap as it will stop it getting into your skin.

What can I eat whilst wrapping?

Where you are not told to change your eating habits we do endorse leading a healthy lifestyle. This will help your results also.

How long will my results last?

As you may have heard or experienced from other body wraps these results are NOT water loss. The results are NOT temporary and if you have a great lifestyle results can be permanent. I like to tell my customers they are 2-6 months depending on eating habits and daily activity. Using defining gel twice daily can help to maintain these results immensely. Using the wraps to maintain these results is also advised, just on a less regular basis than when starting.

How much water should I drink?

We advise you to drink half your body weight in ounces.

If you have any medical or health concerns please contact a medical practitioner or expert. For full list of Ingredients please see here.


If you have any other questions not found on this frequently Asked Questions page, please message me!